How We Operate

The FSF landscape analysis highlights key gaps in existing resources available to support food system innovations for low-income and underserved communities.

Services We Provide

Business Acceleration

We provide our partner companies with access to in-house business operations expertise, partners and a network of advisers who will share deep agriculture, nutrition and food related business experience.

Investment Capital & Advisory

FSF offers patient capital which gives our company partners the time and space to scale.

Policy Engagement

FSF works to address policy challenges or “ineffective policies” observed around seven areas of interest: food quality & safety, food labeling, traceability, food waste management & redistribution, price & income incentives, land access and tenure, and innovation & ease of doing business.

Partnerships for Community Outreach

FSF utilizes our depth of expertise to build lasting community partnerships to: raise awareness, educate consumers, support behavior change, and establish networks to support the community and households.

Nutrition Knowledge

We provide thought leadership through learning, advocacy, white papers and research resulting in innovative product development and marketing knowledge. As well as, metrics development and monitoring to support the evaluation of nutrition impact and behavior change.